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Information for Vendors

Entries accepted on a first-come first-served basis subject to suitability and space available.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 10am - 3pm

Saturday & Monday - 10am - 12.30pm

The Salerooms usually fill up very quickly so we strongly recommend you phone on 01953 885676 to make sure we have space available, particularly if you plan to come later than Thursday lunchtime.

Commission 15% Plus VAT

(minimum charge of £1.00 plus VAT per lot sold or unsold)

No Lotting Fees

Pay Out for Sold Lots - Thursdays 10am - 12 Noon or Any Following Sale Day

Reserves: When entering items for sale, vendors may ask us not to sell an item unless it reaches an agreed minimum price - this is called the 'Reserve'. It is Saleroom policy to offer lots for two sales at their reserve price. If items remain unsold after two sales, and are not collected by the vendor on the Wednesday following the second auction, they will be offered for a third sale at the Auctioneer's discretion and may be sold for less than the reserve price. It is the seller's responsibility to contact the salerooms to find out if items have sold.

Electrical Safety Testing Fees:  To comply with current legislation, all electrical items entered for sale must be tested for electrical safety by our qualified electrician. There is a charge of £2.00 per item with a further 50p payable if an item requires a replacement plug.

Vehicles: Vendors must pay a non-refundable £5.00 entry fee when booking a vehicle in for sale. Vehicle commission rate is reduced to 10% Plus VAT.

Collection & Delivery: We recommend John Ryder Removals from Wymondham who we have worked closely with for many years.  Tel: 01953 605553 or visit www.johnryder.co.uk for a quote.