Covid 19

Covid-19 Information for Customers

Please see the Buying and Selling pages for up to date information before you visit the Salerooms

Covid-19 Secure Saleroom Layout

Covid-19 Face Coverings Policy Statement

The Government made the wearing of face coverings compulsory in enclosed public spaces in England from 24.07.20 which is enforceable by law and failure to comply can result in a fine. Some people are exempt from this requirement including those with certain health conditions or disabilities.
As a responsible employer and business owner, we have a duty to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and visitors.
In consultation with our employees, as part of our Covid – 19 Secure Risk Assessment and Action Plan process, we decided to ask all customers and visitors to wear face coverings inside the Saleroom and in the selling areas outside, because at an auction, unlike in a shop, people congregate and may spend long periods of time at the venue.
We are pleased to say that most of our customers have been happy to do this and hope they will continue to do so willingly.
Most of our employees are over 50 years old, some have health conditions of their own and some live with or care for loved ones who are in a high-risk category. Ultimately, at the present time, there is no reliable way to prove that you are not carrying Covid -19. A negative test result is only relevant for the day the test was done and not everyone who is infected will have symptoms. Anyone can be a carrier and pass the virus on to somebody else via a cough, sneeze, breathing or talking. Face coverings have been shown to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus in this way.
It is for these reasons that we feel we must maintain our position with regards to the wearing of face coverings on our premises. We will continue to request that everyone, without exception, wears a face covering inside the Salerooms and in the selling areas outdoors as well as using hand sanitiser and maintaining social distancing.
For people exempt from wearing a face mask under the new law, may we suggest a compromise of wearing a clear visor like the ones we and our team wear. We have found them relatively cool and comfortable to wear, easier to breathe in than a face mask, and glasses are less likely to steam up.
Alternatively, we would like to remind everyone that we are accepting bids without the requirement to view in person to enable people to participate in the auction even if they cannot attend under current restrictions. Non-contact, outdoor collection of purchases can be arranged.
We trust you will understand and respect our decision to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our employees, and others most likely to be adversely affected should they contract Covid – 19, above other considerations on this occasion.